I’ve been away from bike care for a few years (almost a decade actually) and its taken me some time to get back into the habit. My daily rider (currently my only rider) is a Schwinn Cruiser I picked up used two years ago. The bike is lovingly called the “Irn Hmstr” (Iron Hamster) – since it is my personal hamster wheel.

Given my determination to be an all-weather rider cleaning and lubricating the hamster has become an ongoing concern. Now one of my reasons for going all-bike all the time is the wish to leave only bike treads on the planet. So it makes sense that I would look for lubricating and cleaning options that were less harmful to the planet than petrol-based 3in1 and WD40. (Before anyone freaks on me I’m using them as examples).  I’ve seen Pedro’s cleaners and lubricants in Hoopdriver, MEC and a few other places so I’ll be trying them out over the coming few months.

PEDRO’S USA – Total Bicycle Care | Bike Care.