So I was introduced to a wonderful Toronto-centric Blog called the Toronto Standard. Much to my shock and delight there was a story about a bike mechanic, George McKillop, whose shop “Parts Unknown” used to be tucked away in a sketchy part of Kensington market. (Okay, okay sketchy is a relative term).

Anyhow the story of this magical place where bike bits went for reincorporation and recycling (legitimately before you think this is another story like that of the infamous Kenk) is told here:

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Sadly it seems Parts Unknown is no longer. It has been forced out of its old home and the proprietor and guru of velocipede repair,

… is finding it increasingly hard to keep doing what he loves. He knew his current location would be temporary when he moved in, but the landlord is especially unhappy that George sells parts out the garage. His days here are running out. When a friend named Roy turns up to help George move some of the bikes and gear I can see his mood changing.

The gentrification of Toronto is pushing out the remnants of a culture I knew well – albeit not intimately. A community of handy-people, crafters, mechanics, hippies and artists – the people who made places like the Cameron House what it is (complete with a few giant ants). The people hipsters could only wish to be.

Anyhow special thanks to Ed Wilkinson-Latham for writing that lovely post about George McKillop and Parts Unknown.