The Toronto Star has been bringing the hate to cycling recently. One bicycle blogger James Schwartz notes:

Cyclists in North America already get the short end of the stick and there is already enough animosity on our streets. Instead of writing articles that breed hatred towards cyclists while ignoring the fact that motor vehicles kill several dozens of people every year in Toronto alone, we should be using that energy to change our laws to make cycling more safe and comfortable so that cyclists aren’t tempted to bend the law to stay clear of danger.

Instead of raging at the ill tempered, Schwartz answers smartly with a video of his daily commute. Cyclists in Toronto were accused of being selfish and rude. The video shows just how wrong the perception is.  Taken last week it shows an orderly and well mannered cycling public in Toronto. More to the point it shows the ill manners of a CINTAS delivery driver, parked right in the bike lane and darting across the lawful flow of traffic carrying a heavy load of mats. Seems to me that we need more of these videos and we need to flood the airwaves and Internets with them.

Courtesy of The Urban Country Blog:


via The Urban Country Bicycle Blog: Toronto Cyclists Are Selfish And Rude?.