So Wired’s Autopia blog throws out a report with the headline: “Look Ma, No Frame!”. Okay fine. But then the first line goes on …

BMW Motorrad has created a new suburban commuter scooter, and all it’s missing is a combustion engine and a frame.

As I read it I’m thinking. No. It has a frame. The battery mount is integrated into it. This is a smart move, but it is not “no frame” its “the battery pack is the frame”. This is something different from the claim that there is “no frame.”

Using that logic I could see someone pitching a bicycle: “Engineers develop a vehicle with no engine and requires no fuel!” They would then go on to say: “Currently the designers say that most people will optimally achieve, 15-20 kph over an average range of 5 km. With training and diet they believe drivers can achieve sustained performance in the area of 40 kph!”

*cough* *cough* *bullshit*

And disguising a tool for what it actually is deceptive. The BMW scooter is designed to meet the needs of suburbanites. Ignoring that suburbs are probably unsustainable as a model for modern living. And that is what this is – an enabling device to justify a model that has had deleterious social, economic, health  and cultural impacts.

A headline that might be more appropriate: “Look Ma! No Limits!” or “BMW seeks to preserve sprawl.”

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