Help me out on this one please. Toronto City Council voted 28-9 to spend $400,000 to erase already painted bike lanes on 3 major routes. Meanwhile all I hear in the press is Kvetching about special interests. Mayor Ford made his name on a promise (no matter how fallacious) to save tax payers money. Mais bien sur! That’s what this looks like. Never mind that council is then going to build separated bike lanes as well on a parallel route 1 block over in the case of Jarvis Street (Sherbourne) and in a completely non-sensical stub-route in Scarborough. Why? I have yet to see a sensible explanation for removal. By all means build the new lanes. Please build the two new separated lanes. BUT to erase infrastructure at the cost to the tax payer? That’s an act of utter irrationality.

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From the City of Toronto’s Department of WTF?

Council votes to scrap Jarvis bike lanes –