The bicycle as Political Statement. The bicycle as testament to gender equality.

Women used bikes as vehicles of political and so- cial change, too. The women’s suffrage movement and the cycling craze went hand in hand. On two wheels, women found inde- pendence and freedom of movement.

The story of Annie “Londonderry” Kopchovsky is one of the coolest tales I’ve read about women’s struggles as it pertains to the bicycle. Bicycling Magazine has the story of this awesome 5 foot 3 inches of cycling legend.

Setting off from Boston on June 25, 1894, she first headed west, but after four months, reversed direction in Chicago due to the looming winter. In Chicago she obtained a bike 20 pounds lighter than her own, as well as a pair of bloomers which were instrumental in the completion of her journey.

Chasing Annie via Adventure Cycling Association: Annie Londonderry: Pioneering Adventure Cyclist.