Style over function – and not even that stylish … Nutcase Helmets have been called out in Denmark for failing to meet safety tests.


There was recently a consumer test of bicycle helmets in Denmark, performed by The Danish Consumer Council in their magazine Tænk (Think). The test involved 15 different skater-style helmets. Two of the helmets failed in the test. One was Etto’s “Psycho Street” and the other was Nutcase Helmet’s “Street” model. The one with the very appropriate DANGER text on it. (The perfect text, by the way, to describe the helmet industry’s eagerness to portray cycling as more dangerous as it is in the interest of profit.)

Of the two helmets that flopped, Etto immediately called back the helmets in question and offer refunds to consumers.

Can you guess who didn’t?

via – Building Better Bicycle Cultures: “Nutcase is putting cyclists’ safety at risk”.