Riding the bullshit wave for all its worth … MAIK has come up with what it calls:

the first product giving men what women always had — a practical and stylish solution to the common transportation problems faced by the urban bicyclist.

~ Andreas Sachse, co-founder of MAIK

Ummm. No. The original delivery bikes of the early 20th Century came with wooden crates strapped to the front fork. Just look up the old Short-Johns for chrissake!

And are you telling me that this handlebar integrated solution isn’t masculine enough – its black, chunky and metal!

Do not get me wrong, MAIK has come up with a stylish version of the front basket for the urban hipster, but it is not NOT a first. Nor is it particularly innovative.

Plaudits for being so hip it hurts boys. From MAIK: http://www.thebikecrate.com/