The hits keep on coming. Berlusconi is facing a new round of embarassments as tapes of him talking to alleged Pimp Gianpaolo Tarantini between 2008 and 2009.

In a demonstration of his master manipulation he arranges for top entertainment executives to be at his house when a new group of women are brought to his residence in Rome.

“These are people who can get jobs for whoever they want,” he told Tarantini. “Therefore the girls will get the idea that they are in front of men who can decide their destiny.”

But Berlusconi cannot deny that his prolific libido is only attractive if his wallet is open:

a woman named Vanessa Di Meglio sends a text from Berlusconi’s residence to Tarantini at 5.52am asking “Who pays? Do we ask him or you?”

Of course Berlusconi is a tad miffed with all this attention:

“My private life is not a crime, my lifestyle may or may not please, it is personal, reserved and irreproachable.”

Certainly it appears that he has not done anything really illegal (I think – anyone know what the prostitution laws are in Italy?). But certainly Berlusconi is a creepy old wax-work and this latest round of wire taps suggest that he might need to rethink some of his friends.

Silvio Berlusconi wiretaps reveal boast of spending night with eight women | World news | The Observer