Colour me skeptical but this e-bike phenomenon is making me a tad wary. I think its good that automakers are looking to move beyond cars as transportation options. For this they should be applauded. My concern is that we’re about to shift unhealthy unsustainable travel onto two wheels. There is an esthetic simplicity of a bicycle. Form and function are well matched. One will note that the “Safety Bicycle” design of the 19th century persists to this day – and is evident not only in this design (see below) but in the prevalence of the format in the motorcycle industry. The auto industry has made its fortunes (good and bad) on the back of singularly disfuntional relationships between the human being and their environment; roads for vehicles, rather than people; communities defined by the spacial seperation of life/work; economies dependent on highly refined petroleum extracted at enormous costs to environments and people. And now we are bringing this back to the bike. This is worrisome.

Ford Rides into Frankfurt with E-Bike : TreeHugger