File this under WTF!

BBC News – Bristol bus driver Gavin Hill who drove into cyclist jailed

I saw this when reading BSNYC’s latest exchange with a reader about the insanity of Bike/Car parity on the road:

… the absurdity of subjecting a lawbreaking cyclist and a lawbreaking truck driver to exactly the same penalty is precisely the point.  When you get hit by a cyclist running a light you break a nail, but when you get hit by a truck running a light you wind up as part of the crosswalk.

Still, it’s essential that we treat cyclists and drivers exactly the same way.  Why?  Because maintaining the illusion that drivers and cyclists are equal is the key to making sure that they stay unequal, and it ensures that anything that happens to you when you’re on a bike remains your fault–or at least not the driver’s fault.  As long as they keep telling you to act like a car, then that means it’s OK when you get hit by a car, despite the enormous disparity between the machines and your utter lack of sheet metal.  What’s the difference between a door ding and a dead cyclist in most of America?  Technically nothing–in fact, you’re probably worse off if you give someone a door ding.  Sometimes, equality is the greatest iniquity. (Bike Snob NYC: BSNYC Friday Heated Discussion About Lawn Bowling!_)

The more time I spend on two wheels the less I accept the equivalency argument as well. The bus assault I started with is a case in point. The absence of acknowledgment that roads belong to everyone creates a sense of entitlement that only exascerbates the problem.