I know, I know, who am I kidding right? The city of Rob “The War on the Bicycle” Ford is not serious about cycling? Well yes.

What I am posting is the scene on College St. at University Ave. in the westbound bike lane. This is a lane that has already been designated for cyclists and is supposed to provide a “safer” corridor for Toronto’s cycling commuters. I saw this this morning and went back at the start of the afternoon rush-hour to see what the impact was.

What did I see? About 300 meters of bike lane blocked with rails for TTC street car track maintenance. This placement forced cyclists to merge with fast moving westbound traffic, and did so at a juncture when drivers are often jockeying for position before hitting the lights at McCaul and then at St. George.

Exhibit A: No Pedestrians. No Cyclists. No Freaking Sense.

Move that shit over!

Merging with the afternoon rush. Come on guys move that sh** over.

So the second most vulnerable group of road users were displaced and forced into dangerous proximity to cars when they had only one lane instead of drivers losing half a lane where they had two. It is not rocket science. It was also a wonderful opportunity to introduce a de facto seperated bike lane for a short distance on College – something that should exist anyway. Bravo Toronto. Missing the point has become your new forté.