12-06-26 5:08 PM

Over the past four days I have knocked the following things off the list:

1. Crank puller acquired. Pulled crank from donor bike. Found that the only thing i needed was crank bolts. Went back to LBS for these.
2. Drop handle bars installed today
3. Rear derailleur, shifter cable for same and chain all installed.

The bike is looking shockingly less like a hunk of junk. Possibly looking bad ass when the bar tape is reapplied. At the moment i have half of it done up in black and it looks like an angry black beast (or a shiny one if you look at the right side bar.)

Decisions to be made:

1. use the brake levers from the drop down or not?
2. Is the bike too short for me or not?

Further things to do:

3. Transfer brakes. Check cable lengths.
4. Sort out cable stays
5. Rear derailleur cable running … i am not happy with the cable situation on the rear part of the frame I’ll have to see how Diamondback did it and see what other solutions are available.

I’ll have to get some photos of the kraken as it rises … wait … i think we just got a name.


Addendum: 12-06-26 10:08 PM

Just re-ran the rear derailleur, leaving as is was driving me crazy. Also installed the front brake. These transfers are taking a little longer than they might with new build because I’m having to tweak cables from a slightly longer frame for the Sorrento. That requires a little more care (from me) for the installation.

Rear brake is next. Then the drivers seat. Shakedown ride, then i start worrying about things like fenders, paniers, bells, whistles, illumination.