12-06-22 5:39 PM
This afternoon I decided that I was going to look at the Diamond Back Sorrento Frame one of the neighbours chucked earlier in the week.

Its a deep – almost black green.
Quick check revealed all the brazings and mounting points for the hardware – including derailieur hanger – were all intact.

Degreased the frame, gave it a quick wipe with a sponge, noted that the downtube has a decal letting anyone who cares know that the frame is Chromoly. Ahhhh Steel. Already I like this frame.


Checking my parts bin, the aluminum wheels from the Hamster fit, so I put the front into the forks and extracted the drive wheel from the hamster. The 6 speed cassette is in good repair so I put it complete with the 40 psi balloon whitewalls on into the rear drop outs.

Discovered that the crank is gone. I have a spare but I’m going to need to pull it from another donor bike. This will necessitate a trip to the LBS for a crank puller.

The crank is a tapered square type consistent with the Shimano chainring and the spec sheet for a 1990s era Sorrento.

The Headset and handlebars are rusted and low quality Lee Chi mountain bike hardware. Since I want to see if I can make this bike into a poor man’s touring frame, I would like to see if I can put a different headset on it and drop handlebars.

A little Internet research revealed that this is probably a 1998-ish frame. The front fork is chunky, and is not the thin tapered sort on 1991 era Sorrentos.


    1. Crank puller.
    2. Install Drop Handle Bars.
    3. Brakes from Hamster – same kind of linear pull calipers.
    3. Once crank situation is sorted, transfer chain and deralieur from Hamster
    4. Rear rack from Hamster.
    5. Assess Cable Situation.