Rio +20 has ben shockingly silent on bicycles as one of the key ways of transforming human societies in an environmental and physically healthy way. The declaration is good on recognizing the problem but fails to offer solutions. Even the onese we already have but don’t actually use. Blogger Paula Alvarado points out that the Rio conference itself is a miserable bike unfriendly place. I’ll let her explain that for herself but one of her key points about Rio+20 and indeed a great deal of “official” policy on sustainable development seems to take bicycles as a curiosity and not as a solution.

All this begs the question: Can we be serious about bikes? For a means of sustainable transportation that has spectacularly grown in popularity in the past years and which is transforming cities around the world, it seems it is not receiving the attention and recognition it deserves.

Activists Campaign to Bring Bikes into the Conversation at Rio+20 : TreeHugger