… in Toronto its a major problem in part because of our bike lanes are placed on the outside of parked vehicles. A further consequence of this is the tendency for drivers to cut off the bike lane in the process of trying to park. Parking across the bike lane is another fan favourite. Regardles Lloyd Atler at Treehugger points towards this nice piece in The Guardian that points out just how critical lane design is to the equation.

To this I would add my own complaints about the way bike lanes are being used as auxiliary parking for municipal vehicles and dumping grounds for construction equipment without temporary solutions being provided by the city. Signs reading “Cyclists Merge with Traffic” is not a solution. At the moment that kind of garbage is found at College/University, College/Augusta and Bathurst/King — I’m sure it’s elsewhere, but those are the three instances that leap to mind.

Cyclists must steer clear of the threat of parked cars | Laura Laker | Environment | guardian.co.uk



The Guardian on the Door Prize: How Bad Bike Lane Design Is Killing Cyclists : TreeHugger