I’ve been following Mikael Colville-Andersen’s series on Bike Schools — Escolas de Bicicleta — in Sao Paulo with some interest.

The process is about teaching kids how to be citizen cyclists and provides the kids with bamboo bicycles. In the end 4600 bicycles will be built with a 100 being distributed to each school. So this is not necessarily the most sustainable project.

I am not convinced that the bamboo bike part of the project is really anything more than a gimmick. The size of the change being sought is breathtaking and my hat is off to the organizers for trying this. I anticipate the original bikes may not last that long, but if this jump-starts a culture of cycling in one of the most congested cities in the Americas — bravo.

Treehugger decided to run a piece on the project here:

Bike Schools Turn Kids into Future Urban Cyclists in Brazil : TreeHugger

But for the full glory — including lots of awesome photos by Colville-Andersen himself I recommend the Copehagenize.com 3 part series:

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