I came across a discussion on 29ers (Mountain Bikes with 29 inch wheels) as I was browsing Wired.com’s article on Niner Bikes. The discussion turned on who introduced the 29-inch wheel to mountain bikes? As the blog linked at the bottom points out – its a moot point. The tyre supplies in the 1980s ensured that the 26-inch MTB wheel would prevail. My daily rider is a 26-incher. One of the links in the comments mentioned a fellow by the name of Geoff Apps.

So I went down the rabit hole. I was introduced to this fascinating story about Cleland Cycles and its founder Geoff Apps. There are tonnes of photos like the one below of an approach to bike design that sadly came to an end in 1984 when Cleland was liquidated by an irate supplier. Apps still designs and builds bikes. Bikes which I suspect are precisely the kinds of machines many Canadian riders might find inspiring given our climate.

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