It seems that the USADA may have had good reason to not want to share its Armstrong investigation with UCI:

The NY Daily News reports that Kathy LeMond testified under oath during a 2006 deposition in the SCA arbitration case that Julian Devries, a mechanic for Armstrong’s team, had told her and others that Nike and Thom Weisel –the San Francisco banker who sponsored and part-owned Armstrong’s team – had transferred $500,000 to a Swiss bank account that belonged to Verbruggen.

Hein Verbruggen was head of UCI at the time of the finding. If the sports international governing body is bent it really is time to nullify the past 20 years of results and start fresh. This must mark the end of competitive cycling or mark a fresh start. The choice is theirs.

If the allegation is true, this would be a collosal blow to Nike’s image. It also puts the screws to the UCI for protecting a rider and team with very real drug testing failures to the detriment of the sport. But hey, what half-a-Million to keep the pedals turning right?

I’ll repeat my previous position on this:

Declare All Cycling Results Tainted. Start Fresh. OR Acknowledge that cycling is a sport of dopers at the elite level, require riders to declare what they’re on but also allow them to compete openly and let the chips fall where they may.

Report: Did Nike Pay $500,000 To Verbruggen To Cover Up Armstrong Positive? – BikeRadar