I was struck by the Guardian’s coverage of the resignation of Andrew Mitchell, not because he called a police officer a “pleb” — frankly the magnitude of the insult was probably lost on the officer anyway — but because of how he got to No. 10:

Yes that’s right — a Tory rode a bicycle to his resignation. I’m thinking about how much this contrasts with decades of press photos of people arriving and departing No. 10 by car.  Also I’m struck by precisely how unlikely Canada’s own conservative party is to produce an MP who would ride to Parliament to tender a resignation.

I’d offer my sympathies to Mr. Mitchell but I think I’d much rather offer my congratulations for choosing to ride to work (or resignation).

Andrew Mitchell resigns following allegations he called police ‘plebs’


The ‘plebs’ row is a mere sideshow to destructive Tory incompetence