Take a good look at this photo. What you are seeing here is the contra-flow bike lane on Montrose Ave in Toronto. You are also seeing why PAINTED LINES ALONE DON’T DO A DAMN THING TO PROTECT CYCLISTS. You’ll note that in order to move around this parked vehicle, I would have to move into oncoming traffic on a one way street – an act which by its very definition would require me to break the law: technically this would be a criminal offence in Ontario.

I struggled over whether to leave the licence plate visible in the photo. I decided that the perpetrator here wasn’t the car but the city. The problem is the infrastructure as much as it is the driver. And its not just this driver. I ride up Montrose on this bike lane almost every day, and at least every other day this is an issue. Its not the same drivers (although sometimes it is). One of the reasons is that while the bike lane is well marked for northbound cycle traffic it isn’t demarcated adequately for traffic heading southbound with the one-way sign! WHAT IS THE POINT? Drivers cannot understand the lane unless you explain it. As I understand it, the Montrose lane is an experiment, it might do the experiment some good to make sure that the people entering the street from the opposite direction understand what the hell is going on.