So at the end of last winter’s commuting the bottom bracket (BB for cogniscenti) started squeaking incessantly. I popped it open and found a royal mess in there. Cleaned, greased and resealed the side that seemed to be problematic and the whole thing ran swimmingly. Until June. The squeak returned then some grinding. So the Superbe has been at rest in the garage while I built and tweaked the Sorrento project. Now that I’m happy with that minus mechanical gremlins, the Superbe is getting some much needed TLC.

I removed the stubborn seat post (yes the Superbe had one of those as well). I’m now in the middle of fighting with my lovely – but apparently stubborn – MKS pedals. It seems neither one will come out of their crank arms. So I’ve got some liquid wrench working through the works at the moment.

I have also LW’d the stubborn seat post on the Iron Hamster. I just didn’t have the heart to chuck the frame. So I’m waiting to see if time, penetrating fluid, and my own stubborness will win out. I have a job for the Hamster if it can be revived.