Mikael Colville-Andersen for Copenhagenize weighs in on Toronto’s sad and retrograde attitude to Urban planning. He notes, that even if we ditch the mayor, the aparatchiks in City Planning refuse to acknowledge bicycles in key planning. Moreover Spac(ing) magazine come under fire for regurgitating some of the same non-sense.

Toronto’s “uniqueness” over the past few years due to its Mayor is well-defined and well-documented. The current political leadership is a running joke.

It is important to highlight that the City’s singular focus on pedestrian traffic is also unique. I can’t think of another city similar to Toronto in size that completely and utterly ignores the potential of bicycle traffic. For improving public health, for reducing congestion, for…. christ… do I even have to write this? And it is not just the Mayor, but also city hall, journalists and random hipster/urbanist magazines.

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