So when I started this blog I was fairly limited in my cycling news feeds. The sad reality was that as a newbie to the slow-cycling movement had me joining the blogosphere more out of enthusiasm than having a particular voice to exercise. Although I do have a voice I’m much more interested in what might be called curation or aggregation. There is just so much stuff out there and my own mechanical exploits are relatively limited and so I’ve devolved or defaulted to reposting the material of others. This is not a bad thing. Its just a thing and not where I expected to go with this.

However, for those of you, who – like me – love the blogosphere I want to flag a very cool development in the Googleplex — G+ communities. I’ve recently been exposed to this massive source of cycling message boards, adjuncts to blogs etc. Its a really exciting place and somehow the G+ format has evolved a much more plausible interface for this kind of social networking. So for anyone who is interested I strongly recommend cracking open your G+ accounts and looking up communities. Don’t limit yourself to cycling please. There are some really neat groups out there and its worth a look.

Here are a few of my choices:

Bike Commuting – Google+

Bicycle Advocacy & Politics – Google+

daily velo pics – Google+

Cycling – Google+

Go nuts my friends.