As an urban cyclist I’m quite familiar with the risks of parking one’s wheels in public. Why it should be any different for cyclists than, say, motorists, I’m not sure, but it is. Parking your bike in the city leads to all sorts of shennanigans. Some are inconvenient: having a light stolen. Others are inconsiderate: someone locking their bike to yours. Others are just plain dangerous: someone putzes with your brake cables, punctures a tyre, or otherwise interferes with the mechanics of your ride. And then there are those things which fall into none of these categories (well maybe inconsiderate). These are the things I wish to tell you about today.

Over the Christmas break I enjoyed no fewer than three seperate incidences of random gifting. Like Christ my celebrated mount was visited by no fewer than three — if not wise — then certainly touched individuals of unknown gender. These unknown and unknowing urban magi provided a modicum of hilarity this holiday season. And so I present to you the three gifts of the magi:

1. Tims in the Panier.

2. Half-eaten Bacon and Mushroom Poutine.

3. Soggy, but Unsmoked Cigarette.

There it is folks, the “wise” people have made their offerings. Clearly 2013 is set to be an auspicious year!