A wonderful and insightful piece on the state of cycling advocacy and the problem with people like me who ride their bikes as “cyclists” rather than people who just use a bike.

I’m uncomfortable suppressing Jo’s voice, and the voices of those like her; they are already too silent and marginal. But I do so for a reason. I want to foreground assertive male cyclists because they have the strongest influence on cycling discourses; it’s their identities I want to examine and to some extent problematize.

And problematize he does. I am not the person cycling infrastructure should be built for. Cycle tracks and infrastructre should be about the cycling public that does not and cannot brashly claim their rightful place on the road. As someone who has embraced cycling enthusiastically, as someone who refuses to let cars tell me where I’m welcome or not I may be inadvertently contributing to a culture that will never normalize cycling for everyone else. So the question becomes – how do I fix it?

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