Compulsory helmets are just the start:

Reverse onus on cyclists involved in accidents to demonstrate they were not “in the way”.

Children will not be allowed to ride unaccompanied on roads (in violation of the Spanish government’s own programmes encouraging cycling to school).

But it gets worse.

Other points in the proposed reform include:

  • Offences committed by cyclists will be considered ‘serious’ rather than ‘minor’. Yet another hammer blow for cyclists.
  • Town and city councils may permit cycling on pavements – providing the pavement is at least three meters wide, uncrowded, and cyclists remain at least one metre away from doorways.
  • It will not be compulsory to use cycle paths where they exist beside roads, unless a sign indicates that it is compulsory. We have not seen this point in writing yet.
  • Bicycle trailers will be permitted on urban roads and bike paths – but not outside of cities.
  • Cyclists over 18 may carry cargo and passengers, but not on dual carriageways.

Some of these will specifically impact cyclists who commute.

Spanish traffic authority proposes compulsory helmets and other anti-cycling measures | CTC