Its been a miserable month and a half on the road in terms of tyre wear. I’ve had 5 flats in 6 weeks. 4 of them on the front. The back tyre ate a small piece of non-descript metal which had been worn to razor sharpness. That was the easiest to swallow in terms of damage.

The rest, have all been broken glass. And all of them have ripped up my front tyre to the point of aggrovation. What has happened is that all the crud of winter has finally melted, but what has been left behind on the roads, and in particular in the bike lanes, are the erratics of urban living. Broken glass. Sharp fragments of road surfacing. Metal and plastic shards from every ding and fender-bender experienced on whatever stretch of road you happen to be riding on. Sadly Toronto’s street cleaning is slightly worse than its snow-clearance (hard to believe I know) — so all this material is left for your tyres to roll over and pick up like some mad rubber Katamari.

What’s irritating me is that the final flat, Friday’s, has left no trace of its passing. No glass. No metal. No tiny rock. Hell if I inflate the tube and wet it I cannot find the source of the leak at all. The valve seems intact. This mystery is in and of itself irksome. Adding to the irritation was the knowledge that this was the flat that would force a new tyre purchase.

I had to replace the front tyre, I had hoped that I could make the spring without forking out for the new rubber. Alas this was not to be. So I bought a Schwalbe Marathon. If I like the performance of that tyre I might just buy a matching rear to go with it.