Sounds like a dirty movie gone horribly wrong doesn’t it? In fact, that roughly describes my day. I repacked not one, but TWO bottom brackets today belonging to my English 3-speeds (the recently featured and still largely disassembled Stowaway and my 1969 Superbe). No photos because the operation really didn’t allow me to pause and shoot.

Both bottom brackets conform to the Raleigh standard of requiring 11 1/4-inch ball bearings per side. 22 balls per BB.

The only casualty in the whole affair was a single, solitary cotter-pin. I must now find a suitable replacement. In the meantime, however, I’ve ticked off yet another of my “bicycle maintenance bucket-list” tasks. Only one remains – wheel building. Correction two … I also have yet to work on headsets and steerer tubes with any seriousness.

For now though, two English 3-Speeds have lovely new bearings and are in desperate need of riding.