Those words were uttered to me from the corner of Oxford and Spadina last night. Stopping at the lights, a pair of longboarders were tending to a third who was sitting on the ground propped against a garbage bin smoking a cigarette. Apparently “Rob” – the man on the ground – as we later discovered, had dislocated his shoulder coming off the board. Some method of immobilizing the offending shoulder was needed.

Strangely tourniquets are not a common piece of kit in my ample saddle bags. A moment’s thought and I had a solution:

“No, but I have an inner-tube.” And I did. I’ve been using a pinched-flat inner from my partner’s bike to uglify my mount and secure my panniers to the rear rack.

“Dude, perfect.” So unwrapping the tube I offered it to one of Rob’s buddies and reasonable sling fashioned, we rode off. No idea if Rob made it to the Emerg last night but I hope the inner-tube-sling worked and that the shoulder is better today.