This entry in the “things people leave” series is a tad bitter. I was at Mountain Equipment Co-op’s Toronto location and had locked to one of the ample bike parking spaces while I went into the store. When I came out I found this:

Now while I’m accustomed to the phenomenon of people leaving garbage in my baskets, I was feeling like something wasn’t quite right. As I unlocked the bike I realised what was wrong: the air bottle for my airzounds horn was missing. Then I realized the whole thing was gone. Someone had ripped horn, resevoir and hose from my bike. This hurt. This has been the second time in two weeks that someone has stolen a component off my bike. The week before someone stole my front and rear lights out of my panniers while letting the air out of my back tyre.

So I’m declaring Toronto hostile. If you cycle here, be hard and be unforgiving. The city is full of assholes.