Over at aseasyasridingabike blog a tidy little piece about how not-dangerous cycling is.

The punchline of course is that all the cycling being done here is on segregated infrastructure. Unfortunately I don’t enjoy segregated lanes 99.9% of the time. I live in a city that stubbornly refuses to expend energy of proper infrastructure for most of the city. This means, of course, that while cycling itself is not dangerous, the general disposition of cars towards me is. Cars are in a permanent state of intransigence.

My disposition is to ignore the cars. Not in the sense of “oh hey there’s nothing here to harm me” but in the sense that they are going to do something dangerous nearly 100 per cent of the time. For now they are part of the environment.

But I will not dress up like a car to go about my business and they will have to accomodate me. I ride slowly (usually less than 20km/h). I ride with traffic. I ride most of the year. Rain, cold and snow are not impediments.

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