It’s been a while since I last updated the Stowaway section of the Blog. Rest assured, the project isn’t dead. There were some snags along the way.

The most interesting problem was the mystery of the seat post diameter. For some reason the seat tube is the standard 28.6mm EXCEPT at a point 3 cm below the top of the post.

This was most vexing. The Raleigh Twenty is remarkably well documented thanks to the work of many dedicated fans at the Raleigh Twenty Fan Site and of course the rosetta stone which is So when the 28.6mm post would not fit the seat tube I was flummoxed.

A number of solutions presented themselves – including getting a smaller post and fashioning a shim. I opted instead to grind the post down to size. I hoped taking a milimeter or two off the post would resolve the problem. It did. I set to work with Mister Dremmel and presto! I forgot to take photos until after I had greased the post. So … yeah. No photos.