I’m not a huge safety freak, but last night I came across 5 cyclists riding sans lights in traffic. 4 within 30 seconds. One could make the argument – barely – that the illumination provided by street lamps is “good enough” to see by, however, its not good enough against the background of other vehicles with headlights. You are INVISIBLE if you ride without lights at night. Case in point below.

Photo courtesy of: easycycling.com riding at night without lights – Google Search

Now the rider above has the advantage of a slightly illuminated sky, but when it is the dead of night. The drivers eyes are directed to the headlamps of oncoming vehicles and not the shadows, moreover they’re looking at the lights which means that a driver’s night vision is going to be negatively impacted. They cannot see adequately to make out the unilluminated. They’re blind spots. Should they be? No obviously not, butĀ  the only way you can ensure you’ll be seen (or rather have a better chance at being seen) is a source of light yourself.