I took my son for a bike ride to one of the newest pieces of bike infrastructure in Toronto: the Sunnyside Bike Park. I’ve known about the park for a while. I saw it being built from the vantage point of the Lakeshore West GO line. The park is set up for four levels of difficulty. Easy, intermediate, experienced and expert (I might be wrong on the names of the categories, but you get the jist).


The facilities are spartan (so far) but the ramps and jumps are fantastic. My son had a blast riding around the undulating tracks and banked turns.

While we were there another father/son pairing rode up. Dad was on a very rare bird: A 1960s era F-framed Moulton. The green Moulton was not only special for its pedigree, but it had at one point been rebuilt by none other than Mariposa Bicycle builder Mike Barry.


On the way back I saw – but could not capture on my camera – a space frame model Moulton.

… and the newer space frame

It was, in short, a fantastic cycling day.